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Shared Service Center

SSC provides timely, accurate, and convenient services to departments contracting their services for various financial, payroll, personnel and budget transactions.

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Grants & Contracts Accounting

GCA staff assists with post-award financial and administrative matters related to their sponsored projects. 

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Procurement & Payment Services

Procurement & Payment Services is a customer first resource and the single point of contact for all centralized procurement and payment activities.

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Resource Planning & Allocation

RPA is responsible for UND’s responsibility-centered management budget model, including strategic financial modeling, calculators, data visualizations and other tools. 

CF Library

The Treasury is responsible for the safekeeping of UND's financial resources through oversight of investments, cash management, banking, debt, credit card acceptance.

Finance Division Updates

Fiscal Year-End Training Sessions – June 6 & June 13
UND Central Finance is hosting two online fiscal year-end training sessions in June. There are no significant changes to any of the fiscal year-end processes that have been used in recent fiscal years. These training sessions will give a high-level overview of how the year-end procedures work across the various financial processes at UND and […]
Alumni Flow-Through Funds – FY2024 Process Change with Training Dates
OVERVIEW: As of 7/1/2023, expenses that are dated in FY2024 that use an alumni flow-through fund (funds that start with a “26”) will be required to be used in conjunction with a project ID. See the “What is Changing” section below for an explanation of what the new Project IDs will be. If the department […]
Budget Journals – New Process
To streamline the budget journal process, workflow has been created within the PeopleSoft Finance system and has been gradually rolled out to departments over the past several weeks. Effective June 1, all departments will need to utilize the new PeopleSoft workflow process.  Budget journal submissions will no longer be available in Perceptive Content.  All budget […]
Fiscal Year identifier on UND Marketplace payment requests
Hello, A field for requesters to identify which fiscal year an invoice should be paid against was activated on the payment request form in UND Marketplace today (Monday).  The field [“Invoice to be applied to fiscal year“] is required and the person entering the payment request will need to select which year (FY23 or FY24) […]

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